Sunday, December 16, 2018

When Team Kākano are away Room 2 will play!

What a time Room 2 had playing with the fun gear in the Kakano classes a few weeks ago.  I forgot I had these photos on my phone.  Oh to be 5 years old again!

World Famous in Room 2

Isabella has been very busy this year with her gymnastics.  And now she has the trophy to prove how hard she has been working on her routines.  Well done Bella on getting the most improved gymnast award.

Christmas Crafts

Having a bit of time to think about Christmas makes this time of year a lot more fun!  Look at the cute crafts the students created using paint, craft sticks and some bits and bobs from the class craft cupboard.

Production Photos

This is just four of the over 2000 photos taken on the second night of the production.  I'm not sure how I plan to share them with everyone but I will check with Mr James to see if there is a way to ensure everyone can see all the photos.  As I go through a few more I will post them on here.

Term 4 Week 10...The last week of school!

Firstly, thanks to all of the wonderful parents and Michelle (our amazing teacher aid) who offered to help with the driving to the Redwoods Rest Home.  The class have been looking forward to the outing and performing our final act of service for our Rotorua community as a class.

We will meet at the school tomorrow (Monday) just before 10:45am and will arrive at the rest home by 11am.  We will sing and dance our way into the hearts of the residents.  For our efforts, they are providing morning tea for the students.  We will then leave the home at 12pm and arrive back at school by 12:15 - just in time for lunch!

Monday: Room 2 visit the Redwoods Rest Home  11-12pm
Tuesday: 9am School Prize Giving in the school hall.  Notices were enclosed in the school
                 reports on Friday.

Wednesday: Secret Santa 9am   
                       11am Year 6 Missioning in the school hall.  After the missioning is complete
                        students are free to go home with their parents.

Don't forget to bring in a wrapped $5 gift for the Secret Santa gift exchange before Wednesday.  Please see me if you need to me to help out with this in any way.  I know this is a busy and expensive time of just send me an email if you want to have a chat about the gift exchange.

Please check the lost property.  I have never in my nearly 10 years at St Mary's have seen the pile so large!  All lost property will be taken away and given to a charity shop on December 20th.  The 30 winter jerseys will be re-sold next year.  So get in this week and gather your lost belongings.

Please send your child with an extra bag to bring home all of their books and artwork this week.

Have a great last few days of school. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and summer break. 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Quick Update Week 9

Friday December 13th

9am End of Year Mass - This will also include speeches from the principal and BOT Chair.  We also find out our top awards for students.  All welcome.

Mini Try-athalon - We will complete this between morning tea and lunch time.
Year 6s will start....

Remember juniors will compete on Monday.

You need: a drink bottle, togs, towel, running shoes, a bike and a helmet.

Gift Exchange:
Also the class decided to have a Secret Santa gift exchange.  This year each student will bring a wrapped present.  Please keep the price around $5.  I will have a Santa sack to place the gifts into.  We are not exchanging names.  They never remain a secret for along anyway!  Then we will randomly draw numbers to choose a present.

If the cost is prohibitive to your child participating.  Please have them come and have a chat with me.  I can do my best to help you out so that every one can participate.  We will have the gift exchange on the 19th before the Missioning for the Year 6's.

Visiting the Restwoods rest home.  On Monday our class is visiting an old folks home.  We have 29 students.  With four students per car that means we need 7 cars.  Please email if you can help out.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

What's On Week 9

Monday: Dress rehearsal today - everyone must have their costume at school!
Tuesday: Two school shows...Room 2 not performing if you are Elvis or a raindrop!
Wednesday: We perform today! Both a matinee and a 6:30pm show. Be at the school early for the 6:30 show.
Friday: END OF YEAR MASS 9am and the school Try-athalon! Bring your bike, togs and runners to school. Be early because we have to be seated at mass by 8:45am.

December 17th we are heading off to sing and dance for our morning tea. We need parents to help get everyone to Lynmore. The residents are looking forward to seeing the children. Please let me know if you can help with transportation. They are expecting us at 11 and we will leave by 12 to be back at school in time for lunch.

A note from Mr Macmillan: A reminder that Santa Claus is welcoming letters again. I  invite children to write to Santa Claus and for those children who write a letter, they will get a reply from him. There is a Santa letterbox in each class and Santa’s letterboxes in the student foyer. The boxes in the foyer are the official ones.

A message from the Young Vinnies:

A note about the musical: Noah the Musical Tickets are now on sale from the school office:
$5 per person.
4 shows:
Rooms: 15,11,1,3,12 and Year 2
Tuesday 11th December at 1:00 pm
Tuesday 11th December at 6:30 pm

Rooms: 14, 13, 2, 4, 12 and Kakano
Wednesday 12th December at 1:00 pm
Wednesday 12th December at 6:30 pm

Main cast each show.