Sunday, December 9, 2018

What's On Week 9

Monday: Dress rehearsal today - everyone must have their costume at school!
Tuesday: Two school shows...Room 2 not performing if you are Elvis or a raindrop!
Wednesday: We perform today! Both a matinee and a 6:30pm show. Be at the school early for the 6:30 show.
Friday: END OF YEAR MASS 9am and the school Try-athalon! Bring your bike, togs and runners to school. Be early because we have to be seated at mass by 8:45am.

December 17th we are heading off to sing and dance for our morning tea. We need parents to help get everyone to Lynmore. The residents are looking forward to seeing the children. Please let me know if you can help with transportation. They are expecting us at 11 and we will leave by 12 to be back at school in time for lunch.

A note from Mr Macmillan: A reminder that Santa Claus is welcoming letters again. I  invite children to write to Santa Claus and for those children who write a letter, they will get a reply from him. There is a Santa letterbox in each class and Santa’s letterboxes in the student foyer. The boxes in the foyer are the official ones.

A message from the Young Vinnies:

A note about the musical: Noah the Musical Tickets are now on sale from the school office:
$5 per person.
4 shows:
Rooms: 15,11,1,3,12 and Year 2
Tuesday 11th December at 1:00 pm
Tuesday 11th December at 6:30 pm

Rooms: 14, 13, 2, 4, 12 and Kakano
Wednesday 12th December at 1:00 pm
Wednesday 12th December at 6:30 pm

Main cast each show.

Red Ball Challenge

Can you figure out the trick we used to animate the red ball?  Room 2 were very creative.  Many of the groups exceeded the task brief.

Nathaniel, Oscar and Ms N
Olivia, Bella Savannah and Jayda

Teuilla, Kaia, Kennedy, Charli and Sahar and ?

Harry, Nevan and Francis

Ezreala, Matthew, Zeta and Adam

Sunday, December 2, 2018

What's On Week 8

What's not on week 8 might be a better title for the blog!

Student Led Conference Celebration: Remember that parents are invited to come and celebrate the learning that has happened in Room 2 this year.  This is happening Tuesday after school.  You can come in any time after 3:15 pm and I will be in the class until 5pm.  


Noah the Musical: Tickets are now on sale from the school office:
$5 per person.
4 shows:
Rooms: 15,11,1,3,12 and Year 2
Tuesday 11th December at 1:00 pm
Tuesday 11th December at 6:30 pm

Rooms: 14, 13, 2, 4, 12 and Kakano
Wednesday 12th December at 1:00 pm
Wednesday 12th December at 6:30 pm

Main cast each show.

I will also be going over the costume requirements for each student in class. It is important that everyone tries to get this organised this week. If you are finding it difficult to get the items we have asked for let me know ASAP so that I can try and source things.
Rooms 1 & 2 Boys
Jeans-preferably blue or black
Rooms 1 & 2 Girls
Black leggings/tights

Over Due Books: All library books are due back in the library this week. I have a copy of the outstanding issues up in the classroom. I will remind the students again tomorrow about looking under the bed to find their books.

Tuesday: BOP Athletics Day - Harrison and Teuila...Good Luck!
Thursday: Year 6 Retreat and Pilgrimage - Notice went home Friday.
Friday: Totara Fun Day - Wet and Wild....Notice went home Friday. Bring your togs and towel!

Room 2 is looking to go and visit the Redwoods Rest Home on December 17th. I will need 4 or 5 parents to help drive us over. We will spend about an hour meeting and entertaining some of the residents there. When I know the times I will add to the blog and send a paper note home.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Using Google Hangouts

Some of our year 6 students had the opportunity to spend some quality time online with Rob Clarke from Learning Associates in Christchurch.  Rob has been working with staff and students in the school to help implement the new technology curriculum.  

The year 6s are learning how to create a podcast to widen the audience they have for their writing.  They are hoping to appeal to a wide range of listeners.  So stay tuned.  We are hoping to find enough free time to get a two or more podcasts out before the end of the year.

This eager group of students mistakenly worked through all of their morning tea the other day hoping to get their voices recorded so that they can start putting together their programme.  There is a lot of planning involved to get six people into one podcast.  

Matthew, Kaia, Charli, Kennedy, Jacob and Harrison. (and Rob Clarke on the laptop!)

What's On Week 7!

Hi everyone!  Please check that you have times and dates for the upcoming events.

We are swimming Tuesday and Thursday

I am trying to arrange for Room 2 to visit one of the rest homes in town.  I am just trying to find a break in our busy schedule.  When I get times arranged I will need a few drivers to help get us there.  I will send a note home some time this week.

We swim today

See the message from Mrs D below for Kapa Haka/Ahurei students.
See message below for times and dates for tickets for the production.

10-10:30am Advent Liturgy in the school hall.  All Welcome.
Lots of practice times for the production.  I will post the times in the class.
We swim today


Arrangements for WEDNESDAY 28th for Ahurei children

8.40 am All children to meet Mrs Dunkley and Mrs Kemp in the hall.
8.50 am Leave on the bus for our rehearsal
10 am Return to classrooms

11 am Practise in the Hall (This is dependent on Koro's availability should he be needed at the Hospital)
12 pm Return to classrooms. 

6 pm Children to meet at the Events Centre (ALL children have received a notice about this and all other arrangements - can Ashleigh Boag's teacher double check she received her notice)

Tickets will be issued in bags tomorrow, please ensure they go home then as to avoid an influx of enquiries to Maggie about their whereabouts. 

This concludes Kapa Haka for the year. It will commence again in late Term 1. 


Noah the Musical Tickets on sale from Wednesday 28th purchase at school office:
$5 per person.
4 shows:
Rooms: 15,11,1,3,12 and Year 2
Tuesday 11th December at 1:00 pm 
Tuesday 11th December at 6:30 pm

Rooms: 14, 13, 2, 4, 12 and Kakano
Wednesday 12th December at 1:00 pm
Wednesday 12th December at 6:30 pm

Main cast each show.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

What's On Week 6 Term 4

I hope everyone had a restful weekend.  There were some very tired students in class week - and a few tears. 
This week seems to be less busy.  We are starting to get our ideas together for the celebration student conferences.  All assessments are pretty much finished. 
I am in the middle of writing reports and there are two things that I know for sure. One is that this year has come to an end very quickly and number two is I need new prescription glasses!  

FYI No swimming this week or next.  Middle school has swim lessons. Thanks

Tuesday: Inter-school athletics (these students have taken home a notice)
Thursday: Library - Please remember to bring back any over due books.

Please have your child practice the songs for production.  They are on the school RE music site under the heading NOAH.  This week we will lose the backing track and the students need to know all the words.  Room 2 has two songs they will be on stage performing.  There are some fab dance moves they are learning as well.  So keep an eye out for ticket sales.  We only perform one of the two nights.  So when I know for sure what days those will be I will send a note home.
Noah Production Cast Rehearsals:

Hi All,
We are getting there…kids are doing well!

Rehearsals are:
Monday lunchtimes
Monday after school 3:15-4:15
Thursday lunchtimes
Thursday after school 3:15-4:15

Tuesday and Thursday Morning tea with Mrs Macashin.

Singing Soloists have rehearsals with Mrs Locke in R 13 at lunch times-these will be on the daily notices.

Thank You for your support,

Bernie Hall

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Swimming Lessons

The final day of swimming students had to swim in choppy water.  Having the instructors from the Aquatic Centre was great for getting the class to think about how to be safe in the water.